Safety and fire

Safety and fire

The company is keen to contact the local and international markets to keep peace with developments in the field of security. Safety and firefighting, and to work to secure new developments for its customers,


  1. Manual and automatic fire extinguishers for all extinguishing materials.
  2. Water hoses, foam, sprinklers and accessories.
  3. Fire pumps.
  4. Fire alarms early.
  5. Burglar alarm.
  6. State-of-the-art security services to prevent theft of goods from commercial stores (As).
  7. Safety and security clothing and protective equipment.
  8. Protective devices and masks.
  9. In addition, any other security and safety related equipment.

The company studies also and designs projects for security, safety and firefighting for industrial and residential facilities under the supervision of a group of engineers and technicians, and to insure maintenance of all the necessary equipment that is secures.


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