Services and Training

First: The optimal selection of the guards’ personal

which includes the following aspects:

  1. Qualifications.
  2. Age.
  3. Traits and behaviors.
  4. A Sheet without precedents before employment.
  5. Tests on safety and security systems.
  6. Experiences and training.

Second: The security and guard equipment was divided as follows

  1. Preparation of individuals in terms of general appearance (uniform) and (personal style).
  2. Diploma in dealing with management, workers and visitors.
  3. Training on how to use fixed phones and wireless devices.
  4. Personal tools for security personal, such as:
    • a. Directory of first aid and emergency services.
    • b. Flashlights and protection devices

Third: The equipment of the place

The most important thing that the specialists consider in the security aspects to secure the facility after God Almighty is preparing the sites for protecting workers from dangers. Therefore, the site was divided as follows:

  1. Fences
  2. The ports include entry and exit gates.
  3. Material outlets (such as warehouses and workshops).
  4. Lighting.

Fourth: The permits, instructions and procedures followed for the facility

It is common knowledge in any security field across all sites. There must be control and linkage within the security audit process through permits and instructions. Without these procedures, the facility will be placed at the site of danger for all theft operations, whether planned in advance for that speak or without planning.

Therefore, the facility’s security operations must be subject to the instructions issued by the facility’s management with the implementation of the security plan, and this will ultimately lead to success on the security and facility safety levels.

Fifth: organizing the guard operation

  1. The security patrols
  2. The tasks of the computers in the terms of responsibilities and duties.

Sixth: Planning for guards

  1. The comprehensive security plan.
  2. Estimating the general reserve of the number of security guards site.
  3. General reserve in the corporation for emergencies for all sites.

Seventh: Basic training programs for security guards (theoretical and practical training) to”

  1. An introduction to the duties and responsibilities of the security guard.
  2. Instructions to be followed by the security guard while working.
  3. Security patrols and observation accuracy of the security guard.
  4. How to apply the security inspection by the security guard.
  5. Health aspects and safety measures that a security guard should know.
  6. Dealing with major accidents during security guard.
  7. How to report and report incident and various security problems by the security guard.
  8. Training the guards and informing them of the instructions and procedures followed inside and outside the facility.
  9. Anti-theft.
  10. Firefighting.
  11. Worker security – inventory – proof of identity – observations and monitoring.
  12. Visitors and how to deal with them.
  13. Control the movement of cars and transportations in terms of entry and exit.
  14. Training of supervisors and security men on the correct way and how to deal with the forms and daily procedures followed.

Eighth: The security instructions for the horse’s security guard first send to the horse, hoping for the performances, as follow

  1. How the security guard deals with visitors during their entry and movement within the sites.
  2. Controlling the movement of cars entering and exiting with the people or materials, they carry.
  3. Monitor the various work activates taking place inside the warehouses.
  4. Foot patrols to ensure that the gates are closed after the end of the official working hours.
  5. Familiarity with the official forms of the facility.

Ninth: Evacuation

Developing the necessary security plans for how to implement all kinds of evacuation procedures in the event of a special event, God forbid. Such as the outbreak of a fire or otherwise.

Tenth: Operations and Performance department

  1. The Arab company for security studies works with a measure of importance on the performance provided by the security guard staff for its employees, as the Arab company is fully aware that the security guards represent the real interface that the company highlights to its currencies.
  2. The company has been making the security guards perform the duties entrusted to them, which calls its customers and counterfeiters to feel confident and reassured that they are in the palm of safe hands capable enough to protect them.
  3. The management and supervisors of operations at Al-Arabiya have a duty to ensure that the performance of guard personnel matches what is required of them through effective supervision and close daily follow-up to them, including the diligent pursuit of providing advanced security guard services.
  4. The company’s operations department is in charge of continuously monitoring the performance and general behavior of the security guard’s workers around the clock.
  5. The company’s management to ensure the implementation of the site’s security and safety requirements in its current form.


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